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Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters
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100g (RM33.00)
500g (RM106.00)
1kg (RM168.00)

It is a water soluble olive oil. A non-ionic surface active ingredient derived from olive oil with emollient, solubilizing and co-emulsifying properties. It is mild, non-irritant and not toxic with high skin and eye compliance. Its emollient and lubricant peculiarities of olive oil promote an enriching effect which makes it widely use in shampoos, toiletries and personal care formulation and serve primarily as a refatting agent to reduce the irritating action of surfactant system. It is compatible with all kind of cosmetic ingredients & actives agent. When enclosed in toiletries formulations, it does not reduce the foaming activity or the viscosity of the formulations. It may also be applied to make up removing products, because it has a strong solubilizing activity both on water based make up, and also on water resistant make up. Its intermediate HLB value (11) makes it a good emulsifier or co-emulsifier in O/W systems and provides creams with an excellent spread-ability and with no soap-effect. pH:5~7.

INCI: Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters.

Applications: Emollient, Solubilizer, Co-Emulsifier.

Suggested use level: Make up remover 10~20%, Cleanser 5~20%, O/W Cream 1~5%.

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