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Glycerin (USP Grade)
Pack size:
100g (RM5.30)
500g (RM9.90)
1kg (RM15.50)
20kgs (RM160.00)

Glycerin is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colorless, thick liquid which freezes to a gummy paste. It can be dissolved into water or alcohol, but not oils. It is widely used in cosmetic preparation as a humectants, solvents, and lubricants. Glycerin is highly 'hygroscopic' which means that it absorbs water from the air, maximum usage is 10%, high dosage may cause skin dehydrating. No such restriction if used as solvents.

INCI: Glycerin

Source: Palm/Palm Kernel Oil derived

Application: Moisturers, Solvents

Suggested use level: 1~10%