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Argan Oil, Organic
Pack size:
100ml (RM94.00)
100ml (with COA & MSDS) (RM98.00)

100% organic virgin Argan oil, cold pressed and deodorized, certified by ECOCERT.

Argan oil is a clear, yellow oil obtained from the kernels of the endemic argan tree. It contains 80% highly concentrated unsaturated fatty acids and is exceptionally rich in natural tocopherols and polyphenols. The product is preservative free with a low odor.


  • Provides a smooth skin feel and tones the skin surface
  • Nourishing, regenerative, and protective properties to maintain skin’s youthful appearance
  • Powerful natural shine enhancer for the hair without leaving the hair greasy
  • Provides extra care for dry and brittle hair
  • INCI: Argania spinosa kernel oil

    Suggested Use Level: up to 100%

    Note: When the certified organic ingredient is repacked into smaller sizes, it lose their certification. Therefore, we are unable to provide you any certification documentation.

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