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DIY Set:
With sanitized bottle (Glove L) (RM31.00)
With sanitized bottle (Glove S) (RM31.00)

Hydra Oil-in Serum


Formula feature:

  • Oil droplets suspended in the serum.
  • >96% natural/plant origin ingredients.
  • Hydrate and refresh skin.

Set includes:

  1. Serum Base
  2. 0.3% NaCl Solution
  3. Preblended Phenyl Trimethicone & Carrot CO2 Total, Organic
  4. 70% Alcohol, Denatured - 15ml X 1
  5. Wipes 5 pcs
  6. Nitrile Glove 2 pairs (4pcs)
  7. Product label 1 pc
  8. CT026 - 50ml Measuring Cup x 1
  9. Spatula x 1
  10. BP036 - 30ml Heavy Wall Clear PET Cap with Pump x 1
  11. Instruction sheet.


  1. This DIY formula set is for making of Hydra Oil-in-Serum.
  2. Formula and method are included.
  3. Please read and understand the instruction sheet before start.
  4. Do not apply individual ingredient to the skin.
  5. This set is for 30ml of product.
  6. Product is for external use only.
  7. Keep ingredients away from children.
  8. Use gloves & wear eye protection.
  9. If contact made with eyes, rinse immediately with clean warm water and seek medical advice if in any doubt.
  10. Glass beaker is not included in set.

Any enquiry please contact us

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