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Natural Silicone Replacement
Pack size:
100ml (RM33.00)
500ml (RM125.00)
1lt (RM178.00)
5lts (RM710.00)

100% plant origin, readily biodegradable, high spreading, quick absorption with soft, silky and non greasy silicone-like performance.

It is the natural alternative for silicones in skin and hair care.

- In cream, lotion or oil products to improve skin feel
- Light, velvet silky, non-sticky after feel
- Good in dispersing pigment and dissolving UV filters, thus ideal for color cosmetics and sun care products.
- Hair conditioning and shine enhancing properties
- No build up on hair
- Suitable for leave on and rinse off conditions

INCI: Isoamyl Laurate

Dosage: Skincare 1 – 100%, Hair care 0.1-2%, Color Cosmetics 2-25%

Note: Stable at pH5-7, outside this range slight hydrolyzation can occur and odor of isoamyl alcohol could be perceived, this may influence the odor of your formulation but no effect on the stability of the product. In scented formulations this effect is negligible.

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