BP120 - 50ml PET茶色方瓶配黑色压头 | Beauty 360°
1 pc (RM3.50)

容量: 50ml

规格: 瓶身: 塑料方瓶(PET), 压头: PP

直径: 34mm

高度: 109mm

颜色: 瓶身-茶色; 压头-黑色

Please read before order: Plastic bottle/jar made from PET is susceptible to scuffs and scratches during shipping. Due to the nature of PET plastic, it is nearly impossible to ship PET plastic bottle/jar without getting those markings, this include during shipping from factory to us. Those marks can be covered with labels or other forms of decoration and most will become invisible once filled with product (especially for clear bottle/jar). We’ll inspect each bottle/jar before ship out; however, we are unable to promise you a blemish-free bottle.


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