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French Yellow Clay (Superfine)
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Mined in France, it is the purest form of clay being 100% natural, sun-dried and chemical free. High levels of trace elements has the ability to repair damaged tissues, eliminates toxins, deep cleansing and regulating skin conditions. External applications include: Facials, body packs, hair and scalp masks, cosmetics: creams, lotions, handmade soaps, lip balms, shampoo, bath salts and scrub products.

French Yellow Clay derives its color from iron oxides. Yellow Clay is slightly acidic with pH level of 5. Similar to Green Clay with exfoliating and cleansing, tissue repair-scar healing, invigorating, stimulate circulation and allow cell re-oxygenation, but more gentle and mild for skin.

Yellow Clay is recommended for most skin types, as it does not draw oils from the skin excessively and can therefore be used on most dry, highly sensitive oily skin. It is also great for sun-damaged, fatigued and delicate skins. Yellow clay works wonders for those with combination skin. It can also be combined with flower waters and pure essential oils to mutually enhance their healing action. It can also be used as a natural colorant in handmade soap.

Uses: For very sensitive normal or oily skin

Facials: Combine 1 table spoon (approx. 15g) of clay with 1 table spoon of purified water (or flower waters) or in ratio clays: waters=1~2:1, mix into a paste. Add your preference of essential oils or dried herbs to compliment the mix. Apply the clay paste on cleansed face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Spray some water onto the mask and gently massage in a circular motion then rinse off with lukewarm water, follow by your daily skincare routine. Do not let mask dry on skin completely. Limited to 1 application per week.

Note: Caution to be exercised as clays may stain fabric. Each clay will absorb water at a different rate, so add water slowly until you reach the desired texture.

INCI: Illite (French Yellow Clay)

Suggested use levels: Clay: Water = 1~2:1

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