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Carrot CO2 total, Organic
Pack size:
30ml (RM85.00)
100ml (RM166.00)
500ml (RM600.00)
30ml (with COA & MSDS) (RM89.00)

Contain organic Jojoba oil and organic rosemary extract as antioxidant.

Carrot oil contains vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A and converts into vitamin A by the body. It traps free radicals and has anti-oxidant properties. Widely use in anti aging, sun-care and after sun products. Particularly helpful for premature ageing, itchy and dryness skin. It also useful for problem skin, helps in rejuvenates and softens scar tissue. Use carrot oil in carrier oil. Do not use carrot oil undiluted on the skin as it is likely to stain.

INCI: Simmondsia chinensis, Daucus carota, Rosmarinus officinalis

Growth Method: Organic (EEC)

Plant Part: Roots

Extraction Method: CO2 total extract

Recommended Usage: 1.0-3.0%

Color: Deep orange

Scent: Sweet carrot smell

Cautions: Non-sensitizing, non-toxic. Blend with other essential oils for skin and hair care.

Note: When the certified organic ingredient is repacked into smaller sizes, it lose their certification. Therefore, we are unable to provide you any certification documentation.

**COA & MSDS is provided free of charge for pack size 100ml & above upon request and must be requested at time of order. Retrospective request will not be entertained. The documents will be emailed to you after shipment.

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