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Vitamin B3
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100g (RM81.00)
500g (RM266.00)
1kg (RM399.00)
100g (with COA & MSDS) (RM85.00)

Vitamin B3 also known as Niacinamide, is belongs to the family of the B vitamins. It is water soluble and relatively stable to light and oxygen and tolerates a broad range of pH 3.5 -7.5.

Vitamin B3 has multiple beneficial effects on the skin:

  • Helps to moisturize skin and increases resistance to barrier damage.
  • Balance ceramide and fatty acid levels in the skin and enchances the suppleness of the skin
  • Improves the appearance of aging skin by stimulating new fibroblasts and collagen secretion
  • Lightens the skin by inhibition of the melanosome transfer and reduces the size of age spots
  • Reduces the severity of acne appearance and inflammatory

    INCI: Niacinamide

    Suggested use level: 1~5%

    **COA & MSDS is provided free of charge for pack size 500g & above upon request and must be requested at time of order. Retrospective request will not be entertained. The documents will be emailed to you after shipment.

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