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Olive Wax
Pack size:
100g (RM32.00)
500g (RM96.00)
1kg (RM145.00)
5kgs (RM569.00)

Olive wax is a natural wax derived directly from pure Olive Oil. It is an ideal ingredient for emulsion based formulation including cream, lotion, balm bases products. It can be used in skin, body and hair care products and vegan alternative to beeswax. Melting point 58-66횂쨘C.

Approved by ECOCERT for use in cosmetics certified according to ecological and organic standards.


  • Helps to stabilize emulsions and to increase viscosity without causing stickiness and soaping effect.
  • Natural alternative to synthetic and petroleum derived waxes.
  • Skin moisturizer and give a very light and silky touch.
  • Act as conditioner to improve the silkiness and the overall manageability of the hair.
  • INCI: Hydrogenated Olive Oil

    Recommended use level: 1-10%

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